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Excessive fatigue, stress, physical and mental factors are responsible for low performance and activity of man and women. KAMA-VRIDHI has been made up from the world's most quality herbs to enhance stamina,confidence and strength of a man and women. It contains potential herbs that generate vigor and vitality in man and women. It contains the herbs that increase blood circulation in the spongy tissues , enhances its function and also revitalizes the entire reproductive system.

KAMA-VRIDHI CAPSULES increases stamina, energy and confidence to perform activity and improve drive. With advancement in age, man's activity, stamina, power also declines because of physical problems, fatigue, depression, stress, emotional conditions and overweight.

KAMA-VRIDHI CAPSULES helps to make him more active and energetic. It also gets back the mood for being highly active and energetic. If you have a vigorous and healthy life, your overall quality of life will dramatically improve. Having more work and activity can actually increase health problems and decrease your life span ! Unlike those chemical treatments that produce potentially dangerous side effects,

KAMA-VRIDHI CAPSULES is safe and all natural.

KAMA-VRIDHI CAPSULES is natural enhancement product that contains all natural blends ofherbs for in a synergized comprehensive formula. It is specially formulated for men and women, which contains all natural herbs, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in order to stimulate activity as well as to promote overall health and wellbeing

KAMA-VRIDHI CAPSULES is combination of all natural alternative to those chemically formulated pills and it gets you assurance putting the spark back in your life safely with NO SIDE EFFECTS. It can offer an increase in staying power, which plays an important role. Most useful part is,

KAMA-VRIDHI CAPSULES can boost your self-esteem to new heights and gives you confidence, stamina vitality, and improve your health.

KAMA-VRIDHI CAPSULES can be taken as one capsule twice or thrice a day. Health research shows that exercise, counseling, dietary supplements and herbal products (for men and women of course) all can help improve a man and woman's health, physical, and mental function naturally. Since most doctors will recommend herbal products or dietary supplements, all that is needed is a little time and research to find out what will make you active, energetic, overall healthy and increased stamina.

Why to take a chemical when there is a safe, all natural, and herbal economical alternative? - KAMA-VRIDHI CAPSULES The Vital Power Vitamin Formula for Vim, Vigour, Vitality For Men & Women * Tone up and strengthen the system during after illness and useful overall tonic for the body. * Assist recovery and convalescence from illness * Boost energy when feeling run-down and list-less * Restores vitality, minimizes premature and rapid ejaculation * Increases confidence, energy and stamina * Restores potency and enhances physical performance in both men & women * Stimulates overall interest, and enhances the function of sexual organs Indications : * Excessive fatigue * Stress * Depression * Emotional Conditions * Physical & Mental problems * Obesity/Overweight * Diabetes * High Blood Pressure Dosage : 1 capsule two times daily or as suggested by the physician.