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What we are

Become the first choice direct selling organization by innovating and creating good, result oriented products.

Support every individual in the network with systematic and customized training programs and nurture business skills of every network individual.

Create a legal and transparent business environment with the help of advance technology enabled interfaces

To become the leading and the most respected direct selling company that works in a clean, transparent and legal way, creating opportunities for everyone for their own betterment

11th June 2010 - A date that millions of SALENEARBUY unit. Associates worldwide will celebrate as the day this revolutionary company was born, to deliver them essential spread health & financially freedom online literacy, the ability to harness the power of the Internet and the financial growth to those who intend to acquire it.

SALENEARBUY Unit (ISO 9001:2008 Certified) was incorporated on 11th June 2010 vide certificate of Incorporation No. U72300MH2010PTC207669 under the Companies Act, 1956 (No-1 of 1956).

Successful health & financially freedom online literacy Marketing Leaders and Gurus, who have achieved phenomenal success in the field, with rich experience of many years, have been instrumental in making this opportunity a reality. These leaders have already helped thousands of families around the world, to realize their dreams. The sheer grit and determination of these leaders, to make the world a better place to live in, is the driving force behind the venture. health & financially freedom online literacy for the masses will be the chariot, on which prosperity will ride and arrive.

Mission of the Salenearbuy:

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* Track your order, receive at your doorstep .

* For any further details / assistance call helpline: +91 1121113333

* As per Our Prime Minister said

A two - way platform will be created where the service providers and the consumers will benefit. The scheme will be monitored and administrated by the Digital India Advisory group which will be chaired by the Ministry of Communications and IT. [citation needed] It will be an inter-Ministerial initiative where all ministries and departments will offer their own services to the public: Healthcare, Education, Judicial, etc. The Public - private partnership model will be adopted selectively. citation needed] In addition, there are plans to restructure the National Informatics Centre. This project is one among the top priority projects of the Modi Administration.[3]

The entire team of My Need Bazar not only dare to dream, but also action their dreams by constant innovation and experimentation beyond their comfort zone and this leads to a better way of life for not just the group and its team members and Distributor but also proves to be beneficial for the society at a much broader spectrum.

The mandate for the company is to make many of the deserving and deprived people of the world health & financially freedom online within 10-15 years by using our e-health & financially freedom online and to provide a means of good quality of life for thousands of willing Associates through our health & financially freedom online programme of Learning and Growing at the same time.

> To become the best Company of the World by touching millions of people around the globe, by providing essential health & financially freedom online, quality products and services at very reasonable and affordable costs, to help them achieve financial growth.

> To generate self-employment opportunities for those who wish to Associate with us on the basis of our "Learning with Growing" concept.

> "Jansevamission unit Wellness System" (MWS) offers bricks after bricks, with a support to GROW YOUR HEALTH AND WEALTH and a focus on transformation of "Learning" to "Earning".

> When wealth is lost, nothing is lost: when health is lost, something is lost: when character is lost, all is lost. We believe in ethical etiquettes of business behaviors, compounding a will to help you live your life with complete zest and companionship.